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Love Poems by Sonji Rush - valentine poems, poetess
Love Poems by Sonji Rush
From Sonji to You

Thank you so very much for visiting my website. I created in 1998. It is here where you will find the expression of this poet’s heart. These are not frivolous words strewn about to make rhyme. They are instead my passion, my love, my tears, my laughter, my heart.

I have throughout these years read your many e-mails and messages. You have made tears come to my eyes with your touching stories of life. It is you, not I, who has kept this website online throughout the years. You have been my strength and you have given me the self-assurance to believe in myself and in love. It is you who will make my poetry the gift of now and forevermore. For this I thank you.

For always and forever,

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