Love Poems by Sonji Rush

Words From My Heart
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Eleven poems written and narrated by Sonji Rush and enhanced by the original music compositions of
composer, producer Kevin Dellinger.

With music, poetry, love and romance this musical work of art is created to give you the finest of listening pleasure. This CD is a must for every romantic.

Poetry and narration
Sonji Rush
Music tracks and background music
Kevin Dellinger
A Big D Production

Pocket Poetry Publishing/Big D Production
©Sonji Rush/Pocket Poetry Publishing/Big D Production
All Rights Reserved

CD Tracks:
  1. Aphrodite
  2. Forever Gentle Light
  3. As Meant to Be
  4. My Thoughts of You
  5. My Vow to You
  6. The Face of Innocence
  7. As the Beauty of the Rose
  8. Enchant'e
  9. A New Beginning
  10. Eternal Devotion
  11. As I Think of You
  12. Words From My Heart

Nefarious Entertainment Magazine reviews
Words from My Heart CD
A special "thank you" to Jessica Simmons.
Words from My Heart
Artist: Sonji Rush
By: Jessica Simmons

Well, this is not what I expected! Poetry is the main focus of this CD. The music in the background came second for me. The poetry was touching and well written.

Sonji pulls at the heartstrings with her romantic poetry. I would have to say that "My Thoughts of You" is my favorite. The music in the background complimented her words however my concentration was on her words no matter how hard I tried to focus on the music.

I would recommend this CD to anyone who is looking for the right words to say to their loved one.
Home of the beautiful romantic poetry of Sonji Rush
©Sonji Rush Pocket Poetry Publishing
All Rights Reserved