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The Angelic Chronicles Requiem of Jariel
Title: The Angelic Chronicles - Requiem of Jariel
Author: Kevin Dellinger
Kevin Dellinger
Pub. Date: January 2011
Category: Fiction - Legends & Mythology
Published by Kevin Dellinger Productions


In the ancient city of Atlantis, it was a time of Human colonization on Planet Earth. The Angelic Council created a new civilization to flourish. The leader of the Human colonization project was led by an Archangel geneticist, Jariel. Jariel created the perfect species - Humans. However, an alien race loomed from the Darkness. A conquering alien race known as the Annunaki discovered the Human as the perfect race for slavery. While the Annunaki conquered one world after another, Earth was next on their list. Jariel struggled to defend the Angelic code from getting discovered only to go into an all out war between the Angels and the Annunaki. Humans were caught in the middle. The fate of Atlantis hung in the balance. This is the story about how the reptilian dominant race of the Annunaki took over planet Earth. The in depth description on how Atlantis fell will blow your mind. There is a reason why the Human genetic code lies dormant. We are the descendents of Angels. The Requiem of Jariel is the first tale of the Angelic Chronicles. You are about to discover that not all is known from ancient history. What you thought you knew, is only one part of the complete plan. That plan was that the children of Angels would prosper in Paradise. The Fallen conquering race of the Annunaki spoiled that plan. They still rule to this day. Go back in time. Go to a higher dimension. Expand your vision. Atlantis is your Home.

Author Bio

An up and coming Author, Kevin Dellinger felt the calling of integrating spirituality into fiction. With always something unique to share, his work is a fusion of science fiction and new age. There will always be a hidden message. What you read on the surface from this Author will take you to a deeper meaning of reality itself. Kevin Dellinger has taken metaphysical fiction to a new level.

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