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Sonji Lynn Rush daughter of Richard E. and Ethel Houston Rush, born in the state of Virginia on April 25th. The year of the birth has become vague throughout the years. However, this information is kept in a locked vault and shall be revealed upon my demise.

The Rush family consisted of five children, two older brothers Michael and Larry, myself, and two younger brothers, Jerry and David. I have resided throughout the United States. My home town is Christiansburg, Virginia. Most of my life has been spent there in the beautiful Blueridge Mountains of Virginia. It is where I have dwelled with my sons Douglas and Kevin and their father Richard. My brothers Larry, Jerry, David and my Dad, Richard, have lived in SW Virginia throughout their lives. Although my ventures have taken me elsewhere Virginia will always be my home.

I first began writing as a child. I wrote short stories, lyrics and poetry. But poetry has always been the heart of my writing. Thus, one could say my poetry comes directly from my heart. Which it does. It is not a planned venture when writing but more of a beautiful journey inward. The journey takes me to the depths of my soul to the spirit that thrives within me. This is whom and what I reveal in every word I write. When I write it is in solitude where my mind can be free to ponder on all that is beautiful. I am often asked what the secret is to writing such beautiful poetry. The secret is really no secret at all. It is evident in every word I write. The secret is the deepest most passionate love one can feel. The heart is where true romantic poetry is born and thrives.

My goal in life is to share this wonderful gift God has given me with the world through my love for life and humanity.

My one dream is to leave this world knowing I have given back what God has so graciously given me.

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As the Beauty of the Rose
Romantic Poetry by Sonji Rush
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Words from My Heart
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Narration of the poem
As the Beauty of the Rose
by Mona Golabek of
The Romantic Hours
In the April 1st 2000 of
Further Observations About the Rose
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Treasured Poems of America
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Thank you for allowing me a moment to share my life with you. Please read and enjoy the poetry. I hope these poems bring you as much peace and contentment in reading them as they have for me in writing them.


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