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Passionate Romantic Love Poetry by Sonji Rush
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Love Poems by Sonji Rush

Below are a few of the many love poems provided by Sonji Rush for your reading pleasure

Read and find the romantic in you.

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Is It Destiny
As The Beauty of The Rose
Come Home My Love
Without You
My True Love

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by Sonji Rush
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Is It Destiny *

We came together just
by chance.
Could it be destiny?
We weren't ready for
this romance.
Why now destiny?

Who is this person
they call "Fate"?
Can he be knocking at
our door?
Sometimes he brings love.
Sometimes it is hate.
He gets the blame
whatever the score.

Are you one and the same?
Upsetting our lives
whatever your name.
If you are destiny
or if you are fate.
You can leave now before
it's to late.
Goodbye destiny.

He just won't leave.
What can we say?
He says not to tempt him.
So, get out of his way.

If he says it is so,
then it is meant to be.
Me with you and you with me.
Thank you destiny.

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved
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As The Beauty of the Rose*

When wrapped in the light
of the golden sun.
The rose opens its
petals with love.
To drink in the warmth
and care that
God has given.
Starting as a young bud
it grows
into the beauty of
the rose
Rejoicing in the life
it is living.

Love is as the rose
It begins as a smile,
a look, or a gentle hello.
When nourished with the
warmth of the heart
It grows into the beauty
of the rose.

Yet as the rose,
If your love is not
nourished with warmth
and care,
The petals will fall,
the beauty will fade
Your love will
no longer be there.

Thus, take your love and
embrace it with your heart.
Giving as only you can
It will renew in its beauty
as when love first began.

Growing in the warmth
of your heart
as graciously as God
has chose.
Showing its tenderness
to the world,
as does the beauty
of the rose.

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved
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Come Home My Love*

As each hour passes
you are with me
in my thoughts
in my actions
and in my heart.
The time seems so long now
since our sad farewell.
How could we ever part?

You were my light
my angel
my eternal soul.
I was your comfort
your haven
when times were cold.

When we were together
there was nothing we
could not do.
Now, the hours seem endless
since I last saw you.

Come home my love
to my open arms.
Where we will comfort
each other from this
world of harm.
Together we are fearless.
Together we are whole.
My light
My angel
My eternal soul.

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved
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Without You*

When I came to you
I had nothing.
Then you offered
me your heart
and I had everything.
I could feel your soul
within mine.
My life had meaning.

You became my reason
for being.
You were my dawn in
the morning.
You were my single star
on a clear night.
You were the scent
of roses in the garden.
You made my life
as fresh as the air after
a spring rain.
You made me alive.

Without you I feel empty.
My morning is without
its dawn.
My night without
its star.
My soul has no
companion without
your love.

Together we are
Apart we are nothing.
Together we have meaning.
Together we are one.

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved
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My True Love

'Tis said it is better
to have loved and lost
than never to have
loved at all.

How wronged can a
broken heart feel?
How lonely can an empty
soul be?
Once its love is
and washed out in a sea
of tears.

To think of never
loving you it makes
my soul cry.
To have never heard
your voice
my heart would have
never known tenderness.

To me each day of loving
you was a blessing.
To have never had you
in my life
I would have never known
your warmth and compassion.
I would have never known
my real love,
my only love,
my light.

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved
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