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Passionate Romantic Love Poetry by Sonji Rush
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Love Poems by Sonji Rush

Poetry of Life

Here you will find life's happiness and also share in some of its sadness. Each poem is about life's experiences and learning from them.

Come smile with me
Come cry with me.
As you experience life
as it is intended to be.

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Why We Are One
The Journey of Life
You Turned Me Away

Why We Are One*

Two united as one.
Is how life was first begun.
One wish
One thought
One life
To be together as man and wife.

Within the span of time
shall be.
Our lives together

The cry of a new born child brings.
Oneness as our souls sings.
This is why we are one.
This is how life was first begun.

Sonji Rush Copyright 1998
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The Journey of Life

As we search throughout
life's journey.
For the never ending road.
Our life is slipping by us
as each moment we go.

Looking for the answers to
why we are here.
While all the time the answer
is lying so near.

We are here for each other
to make the journey dear.
To cling to our togetherness.
As our time draws near.

For as the road ends.
As surely it will.
All remains are our memories.
That our journey did fill.

The reflection of faces.
Instilled upon our mind.
The journey was well worth
our moment in time.

Sonji Rush Copyright 1998
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You Turned Me Away *

I came to you with my heart in my hands.
But you turned me away.
I am trying so hard to understand
why you turned me away

Was I too tender and caring?
Were you too harsh and bold?
Was my love so real that
it scared you
into running away in the cold?

You said our love cannot be real.
So you turned me away.
You said you did not know how to feel.
So you turned me away.

Can you see my heart breaking
as you speak these words to me?
Can you see my tears falling
as you turn away from me?

I offered you my life.
Yet you turned me away.
I would leave everything for you
Yet you can turn me away

What else can I offer you
but my heart and my soul?
They are all I own freely.
They are yours entirely.
do not turn me away.

Sonji Rush Copyright 1998
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