Love Poems by Sonji Rush

Poetry of Life

These poems represent different phases of life. They represent the beginning of life thru the end of life on earth. Perhaps by reading these lyrics and poems you can recapture some memories of your own life. Hopefully finding some peace in knowing you are not alone.

Eternally and Always
A New Beginning
For Larry

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Eternally and Always*
Lyricist Sonji Rush
Kevin Dellinger

I didn't get to say goodbye
You're gone without a reason why
I've loved you all of my life
and then you weren't there

I didn't get a chance to say
how much I cared
I can't even remember the tears
that I cried
All I really wanted was to tell you

When I last saw you I felt I wouldn't
see you again
There was a distance between us
that I couldn't explain
You wouldn't look
at me but I could see the tears
in your eyes
If you knew then
You should have told me
Then I could have said

So many words left unspoken
So many hearts left so broken
My love for you is forever
And that will never die
We'll be together always
Our souls are one with God
Eternally and Always
I'll never have to say

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved
Dedicated and written
in the memory of my mother

Ethel Lucille Houston Rush
September 24,1929-
December 16, 1995


A New Beginning*
As a new day goes to and fro.
It is true that's how life goes.
We are here at its beginning
and gone at its end.
Taking with us the memories
that time will lend

Memories of each new day,
the love and happiness it brings.
Memories of family and friends.
The sounds of life.
The songs it sings.

Yet as the new sun rises
our lives are not ending.
For with each new day
comes a new light,
a new beginning

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved Top

For Larry

I stood in your shadow
when we were small.
To me you were always
ten feet tall.

When I was sick
I knew you cared.
My big brother
you were always there.

We may be older now
but I will always see.
My hero
My champion
The best big brother
that ever could be.

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved

My brother Larry
My hero then
My hero now.

Larry and Sonji Rush


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