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Passionate Romantic Love Poetry by Sonji Rush
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Love Poems by Sonji Rush

This page has a few of the hundreds of love poems by Sonji Rush for your reading pleasure

Love poems for the true romantic.

A quiet evening with champagne
and candle light.
A walk along the beach
on a moon lit night.

'Tis Love 'Tis Romance.

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My Thoughts of You
For You My Love
My Special Love
Love's Fantasy
Life's Intent
The Nearness of You
Loves Senseless Game

My Thoughts of You*

How can you love someone
you have never seen
with a feeling
so passionate that it makes
your heart skip a beat at
the sound of his voice?

How can you feel his hands on you,
when he has never touched you?
How can you feel his lips kiss yours
when he has never whispered your
name in the night?

A love with such passion
that life could have never
known it in your wildest dreams.
Or if it could ever be possible
would you turn it away in fear that it could not be real for you had never known such a love.

For this love I would take the chance of heartbreak.
For I have known a lifetime of heartbreak
and heartbreak in itself is of a temporary nature if we allow it to be.

But to know just one moment in
my life with
such passion
such feeling
such want
such need.
I would give myself entirely
without regret
without sorrow
without remorse
to you
your wants
your needs
your love
your life.

To deny such a love would be the most fatal of mistakes.
To deny myself your love would be an injustice within itself to the name of love.

To have a love based on a spiritual not physical beginning could only result in the most special of loves.

The love you wait a lifetime for.
A love so strong that heaven nor earth could stop it from being.

A love for you and I,
A love for eternity.

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved

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For You My Love*

If I came to your doorstep
would you welcome me in
or would you turn me away
in shame?
Would you take me to your
family in pride of knowing me?
Or say you have never
heard my name?

Would you caress me when we met
with open arms or
would you hide me away in fear
of unknown harms?

If I beckoned for your love
would you open your heart?
If I asked for your tenderness
would you kiss my tears away?
If I came to you willingly
would you give me your love?
If I whispered I love you,
what would you say?

I give my love freely,
for it is mine to give.
My love has no possessor.
My life is mine to live.

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved
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My Special Love*

You wait your entire life
for that special love.
Then it is unreachable.
Perhaps because of fear,
perhaps because of
or perhaps because
of love itself.

A special love that
leaves an emptiness within you
if you cannot hear the
other person's voice.
But that makes you feel
whole again with one
gentle hello

A special love of longing
night after night
for just the sight of them.
or just the feeling of knowing
that they may care too.

A love that you know in this lifetime
you will never feel again.
Nor would ever want to feel again,
if it brings you this much pain
not to have it.

Oh, my special love
please come to me
My special one please hold me
and tell me this is not all
for nothing.

That deep within your soul
your love is the same as mine.
We belong together.
We need each other
to make our lives complete.
My only one
My treasured one
My special love.

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved
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Love's Fantasy*

Were you with me tonight?
I could feel you lying next to me.
The warmth of your body
so close, so real.

Can you feel me tonight?
Our passions together
so warm, so intense
that time stands still.

Did you kiss me tonight?
I know I felt your
lips on mine
as we embraced
I could feel

You are with me tonight.
Together as one.
You must be real.
I know that
you are with me tonight.

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved
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Life's Intent*

When I think of your love
I smile from within my heart.
When I think of being with you
I wish we would never part.

Your love is my companion
when days are long and cold.
Your love is my destiny
when our lives grow old.

To be your love forever
is my life's intent.
Your love is my endeavor.
For you are heaven sent.

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved
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The Nearness of You*

My thoughts are with you tonight
although, we are miles apart.
The distance only embeds my love
for you deep within my lonely heart.

To understand this feeling,
that I cannot ask you to do.
However, please have
compassion for me
and this love I have for you.

My sadness is for not being
near enough to prove this is real.
Yet a feeling of happiness
for knowing that one day
I will get to share with you
the tenderness I feel.

As I lay here my body aches
for your nearness.
I long for the sound of your
voice and the touch
of your skin next to mine.

Just to see your face
and to feel your warm embrace
would take away all that time has given.
And make this life of mine
worth living

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved
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Loves Senseless Game*

Love is a funny thing.
So it is said.
It brings out the parts of us
that we all dread.
We have been there before.
The pain is so real.
It has made our bodies numb
to this warmth that we feel.

At least when alone
there is no one to bring pain.
Our aloneness has a love of
its own in an empty kind of way
A love of solitude
a love to be free
of all of those burdens that
relationships bring.

To try love again,
what price would there be?
To lose this solitaire feeling
that has made the soul free.
To fly alone no more
but to fly wing to wing.
This togetherness could be
costly somehow it seems.

But remember once more
to that love long ago.
Has there not been enough time
to let your feelings flow.
Once more to another
who returns them to you.
Once more to love again
and be loved too.

To share your solitude
with another lonely soul.
Together the two of you
can make your lives whole.
Two halves brought together
to bring joy once again
To the souls thought lost forever
in loves senseless game.

©Sonji Rush
All Rights Reserved
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